Grizzly 399 Project
Sculptor Sandy Scott
Sandy Scott

The Deidre Bainbridge Wildlife Fund has made a donation to and arranged with the National Museum of Military Vehicles in Dubois, Wyoming, to commission a sculpture of Mother Grizzly 399 and her four baby cubs by famous wildlife art sculptor Sandy Scott. The Museum has agreed to provide the location, landscaping, and maintenance for the sculpture. The maquette (see photo) of the sculpture has been approved and Sandy Scott and her foundry are beginning the creation of what will be a wonderful, bigger than life, bronze work of art. We believe the sculpture will be ready for the Museum by July 1.

It will be located in front of the Pascal Poolaw Administration building at the Museum. Learn about this most highly decorated Kiowa American soldier who fought bravely in three wars. Learn about the deep relationship between the grizzly and the Indigenous People of this country.

The sculpture will be located just east of Grand Teton National Park on Highway 26 leading also to Yellowstone National Park from Denver. There is a large parking area and a restaurant at the Museum. The Museum itself is a $100 million not-for-profit facility honoring our veterans from our 20th Century wars. Spend the time to see it.

This sculpture is intended to memorialize this wonderful grizzly mother who has brought to everyone’s attention the necessity for peaceful and safe co-existence between all wildlife and humans.