Grizzly 399 Project

Co-Founder Tim Tennyson

Co-Founder Tim Tennyson

Tim Tennyson is a native of the Black Hills of South Dakota, born and raised in the small town of Custer. After completing high school, Tim attended the University of South Dakota at Vermillion. Realizing college life was not his calling, he then attended Lake Area Vocational School in Watertown, South Dakota, to study carpentry and the building trades. Upon completion of vocational training, he went on to establish a building company in Custer.

In September of 1980, Tim received an invitation from a couple of friends to come to the Jackson area and help them build a house north of Jackson. It was Tim's intent to return to his business back in Custer. However, inspired by the magnificent beauty and incredible wildlife the Jackson area offered, he chose not to return to the Black Hills, but instead decided to make Jackson his home. After finishing the new house with his friends, he hired on as journeyman carpenter and foreman for a local custom home builder for nine years.

The year 1989 turned out to be a magical year. In April of that year, Tim and his new business partner Jay Ankeny, started Tennyson Ankeny Construction. Tim and Jay would go on to be highly successful in the custom residential and commercial building business. Jay has since retired, but Tim continues to build beautiful custom homes to this day. In 1989, Tim also was blessed to meet Deidre Bainbridge, the love of his life. They met at a mutual friend's July 4th barbeque party. The fireworks started on that day and continued to the day of Deidre's sudden passing in November 2019.

Tim and Deidre shared more than 30 years of blessings while living in Jackson, enjoying the daily scenic beauty and wildlife wonders of the Jackson Hole and Greater Yellowstone area. Tim always marveled at the dedication and passion Deidre demonstrated in fighting for the protection of wildlife. He was a pillar of support in her efforts, helping in any way he could in her crusade for the wildlife. They happily spent many days pursuing the famous Grizzly 399 bear along with the plethora of other wildlife that Grand Teton National Park has to offer.

Tim enjoys wildlife and landscape photography, a passion he developed soon after calling Jackson his home in 1980. He has been able to pursue this passion in the Jackson area as well as when he and Deidre traveled the world to such places as Egypt, Kenya, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Easter Island, Chile, Argentina, Honduras, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Indonesia, the Hawaiian islands, the South Georgia and Falkland Islands, the Azores, Europe, Manitoba, Canada, and many areas in Alaska.

Tim continues to reside in Jackson full time. He also has kept ties with his roots in the Black Hills owning a small working cattle ranch there near the Black Elk Wilderness area at the base of Black Elk Peak.